Hi everybody.

As usual, the day before AnsibleFest <https://www.ansible.com/ansiblefest> we 
are hosting Contributor Summit. this will take place in Austin, though we 
welcome people to join virtually for some/all of the day.

Ansible Contributor Summit is made up of a one-day session with the Ansible 
Core, Ansible AWX (Tower), and Ansible Galaxy Teams from Red Hat, as well 
as and key contributors to discuss important issues affecting the Ansible 
community. You can participate in person or online.

This year this is taking place on Monday 23rd September and will be 
streamed online and you can make your voice heard via IRC. When is this in 
my timezone? 

Matrix Chat: freenode_#ansible-community:matrix.org 
Freenode IRC: #ansible-community
Video: Check Etherpad on the day of the URL


The following is a rough agenda, please feel free to recommend other topics 
you’d like to address on the Etherpad 

   General updates
   Data analysis of the Issue and PR Backlog
   Ansible Collections (a large part of the morning)
   Breakout: Collections for Community & Partners
   Breakout: Ansible and Networking
   Breakout: Ansible and Security Automation
   Breakout: Ansible and Cloud Management
   Breakout: AWX (open source Ansible Tower)
You can find the topics for all of the above linked from the main Etherpad 

Call to Action!

Even if you can only make a small part of the day, or maybe can't attend at 
all, there are still ways to make your voice heard and take part:

   Add your thoughts, ideas, and questions to the Breakout Agenda
   Vote on what you'd like to be discussed (ie add +yourname)

Background Reading

A large part of Monday Morning will be around "Ansible Collections", to get 
up to speed on what the current thoughts are, the following links will help 

   Blog: Thoughts on restructuring the Ansible Project 
   Blog: The future of Ansible Content Delivery 
   Webinar: Collections and the future of how Ansible Content is handled 
   Docs: Collections Tech Preview Guide 
Even if you can't attend this will be worth a skim read

Any questions, please let me know.

John "gundalow" Barker
Principal Engineer
Ansible by Red Hat

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