Hi everyone, I am currently trying to automate the hardening of machines 
with the use of the audit.pol file from the group policy software. I have 
managed to automate the parsing of the file into a text file with the help 
of LGPO software but I am trying to figure out how to do the following:

-Check the text file if a setting exist (Settings are usually a few lines 
-If it exist simple update the value
-If it does not exist, append the settings into the text file

I have attached a screenshot of how the text file looks like a template of 
how a setting will look like:


So my first step is to search if the registry name exist in the text file, 
if it exists then i have to edit the next line after it which is registry 
value. If it doesn't append the 4 lines of details in the format shown 
above. Searching if the registry name exist can be done by storing the text 
file as a registry in the ansible playbook however how do I edit the next 
line after the registry name? And is it possible to do the if else in a 
single task?

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