Hello everyone!
I have been an ansible and AWX user for years and love it!!

I have a new project underway.  I am running ansible from my mac.  I need 
to connect to a private IP that is in a  restricted VPC.  I have a bastion 
host and can access this machine with no issues.  The bastion can also run 
ansible commands on the private host. 

Where I am seeing issues is when I use Ansible from the host ---  SSH to 
the bastion   Then from the bastion hop to the private IP.  Ansible seems 
to loose the credentials along the way.  I have followed several posts with 
configuration ideas (including Ansible's approach) and none seem to work.

I am able to proxy SSH through the bastion and hit the destination device 
from my local machine with no issues.  

Any help would be appreciated.



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