I think you have missed part of the ansible concept, and is mixing up where 
you loop through the variables. It sounds like you want to call a program 
that is looping through something you mention in a group_var file, whereas 
the plugin should just take a single parameter, and do its thing atomically 
with just the set of options that has been explicitly sent to it.

What you need to do, is to write a wrapper (playbook or role, which is 
using your plugin).

* The way that your plugin gets data, is per command line parameters. Your 
module will not really know much about the group vars at all. A plugin is 
not meant to loop over the ansible host file, or your inventory, an array 
from group_vars or anything like it. That is done in a role or a playbook.

In your example, you should rather use your playbook or role as (just 
making up an example):

name: do stuff
  myPlugin: credential={{ some_variable }} target_url={{ item }}
    - https://url1.com
    - https://url2.com


name: do stuff
  myPlugin: credential={{ some_variable }} target_url={{ item }}
  with_items: "{{ some_array_in_my_group_vars }}"


Den torsdag 3 oktober 2019 kl. 14:52:23 UTC+2 skrev Alexandru Obretin:
> Hello,
> I am developing some custom Ansible modules used for configuring network 
> TAPs and they basically rely on a HTTP connection. Therefore, I have 
> designed a httapi plugin module and I want to get the group_vars 
> information associated to the current host directly from my custom 
> module_utils file. In other words, just before I send HTTP requests to my 
> equipment I need to read the group_vars for that particular IP address in 
> order to set the user/password/timeout and other variables to the request.
> So far I have achieved this task using "ansible-invetory --list" but this 
> does not consider scenarios like using a specific inventory file other than 
> /etc/ansible/hosts or defining vars directly inside the playbook.
> Is there another way to access the group vars from my module_utils/network 
> custom implementation or from plugins/httpapi?
> Regards,
> Alex

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