Hi all- we're happy to announce that Ansible 2.9.0rc5 is now available! 
This is
anticipated as the final release candidate before Ansible 2.9.0 is generally
available within the next week or so.

How do you get it?

$ pip install ansible==2.9.0rc5 --user

The tar.gz of the release can be found here:

* 2.9.0rc5
  SHA256: 0ef189c180a48d8702eba704093f7b7ab49ce54834a6a9848b33126f15e67ba8

What's new in 2.9.0rc5

This release is a maintenance release containing minor bugfixes. The full
changelog is at:

* 2.9.0rc5

What's the schedule for 2.9.0 final?

Ansible 2.9.0 final is expected to be generally available within the next 
or so. Future 2.9 series maintenance releases will be every few weeks as 

Porting Help

We've published a porting guide at
help migrate your content to 2.9.

If you discover any errors or if any of your working playbooks break when 
upgrade to 2.9.0rc5, please use the following link to report the regression:


In your issue, be sure to mention the Ansible version that works and the one
that doesn't.


-Matt Davis

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