I have had to do something like this to query IAM for information.  I 
attacked my issue by shelling out and running an AWS CLI command (and 
passing aws_access_key, aws_secret_key and aws_region as variables)

  export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={{aws_access_key}}; export 
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={{aws_secret_key}};/bin/aws iam list-roles --query 
'Roles[*].[\"RoleName\",\"Arn\"]' --output text --region {{aws_region}} 

In your case, you might do something like this in Ansible by adding two new 
variables: user_name and tags  (YMMV as I wrote this at the browser; not 
sure if its syntactically correct):

  - name: Set fact for user name:
      user_name: "Some user name"

  - name: set iam user tags
        user_tag1: "same_value"
        user_tag2: "same_value"
        user_tag3: "same_value"
  - name: Set tags for user using AWS CLI
    shell:  "export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={{aws_access_key}}; export 
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={{aws_secret_key}};/bin/aws iam tag-user --user-name 
{{user_name}} --tags {{iam_user_tags}}"

Honestly, I would probably attack this with a library using python/boto3.  
If you have time, its pretty easy to build and run.

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 9:49:28 AM UTC-4, MarkM wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm an Ansible noob and was using the AWS IAM module to create users and I 
> noticed this module does not support tagging. Does anyone have any ideas 
> how this can be achieved or if this will be an added feature.  
> Thanks

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