Hi Alexander,

you put me in the right direction. I'd like to give a short example for my 
- name: show return value of command yum
  hosts: e-stage
    - name: command
      command: yum update-minimal --advisory RHSA-2016:1234
      register: yumlog

    - command: reboot NOW
      when: '"Completed!" in "{{ yumlog.stdout_lines[-1] }}"'

With "{{ yumlog.stdout_lines[-1] }}" I got the last item from the list and 
do not have to think about the case when it occures somewhere else in the 


Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016 19:40:42 UTC+2 schrieb Jörg Kastning:
> Hello,
> I would like to write a playbook to install Red Hat Security Advisory on 
> my hosts. The idea is to put the published information about the advisories 
> with their Numbers (e.g. RHSA-2016:1234) in a variable and run the 
> following playbook on all hosts:
> ---
> - hosts: all
>   tasks:
>     - name: Group by OS
>       group_by: key=os_{{ ansible_distribution }}
>       changed_when: False
> - hosts: os_RedHat
>   vars:
>     RHSA: "RHSA-2016:1633, RHSA-2016:1626"
>   tasks:
>     - name: Install Red Hat Security Advisory
>       command: yum update-minimal --advisory {{ RHSA }}
>       register: yumoutput
>     - name: Reboot if packages were updated
>       command: reboot NOW
>       when: yumoutput = ???
> As you could see I would like to reboot a host only in case packages were 
> updated. As far as I know the last line in the yum output on the host 
> should be "Complete!". But I have trouble to get only the last line from 
> the output and use it in the conditional when clause.
> Could someone help me here, please?
> Because english is not my first language I may have difficulties to make 
> my point. Please bare with me and ask for more details or points I have to 
> make more clear.
> Kind regards,
> Joerg

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