Why extra variables (-e) ignoring commands after pipeline ("|") while
running playbook with -e options.

Following playbook giving output till "netstat -an" only. I want the output
of this "netstat -an | grep 8080" or any command which can be run at the
run time on remote host.

ansible-playbook /etc/ansible/command_run.yml -e "ip=" -e
'command="netstat -an | grep 8080"'


- hosts: "{{ip}}"
  gather_facts: no
  remote_user: remote
  connection: local

   - name: Running command
     command: ansible {{ip}} -a "{{command}}"

However, Following is working.

ansible-playbook /etc/ansible/command_run.yml -e "ip=" -e
'command="free -m"'.

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