For some reason, ansible fails to install nodesource's apt key on 
ubuntu/trusty. It seem to worked about a month ago or so (if I'm not 


    - hosts: all
      gather_facts: no

        - name: apt-get update
          raw: '! which apt-get
            && exit 0
            || apt-get update'

        - name: Install python
          raw: '! which apt-get
            && exit 0
            || apt-get -y install python'

    - hosts: all
        - name: Add Nodesource apt key.
            url: https://deb.nodesource.com/gpgkey/nodesource.gpg.key


    $ ansible-playbook playbook.yml -i lxc, -vv
    TASK [Add Nodesource apt key.] 
    task path: /home/yuri/_/deb.nodesource.com/playbook.yml:17
    fatal: [lxc]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": 
"Failed to validate the SSL certificate for deb.nodesource.com:443. Make 
sure your managed systems have a valid CA certificate installed. If the 
website serving the url uses SNI you need python >= 2.7.9 on your managed 
machine or you can install the `urllib3`, `pyopenssl`, `ndg-httpsclient`, 
and `pyasn1` python modules to perform SNI verification in python >= 2.6. 
You can use validate_certs=False if you do not need to confirm the servers 
identity but this is unsafe and not recommended. Paths checked for this 
platform: /etc/ssl/certs, /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/pem, 
/etc/pki/tls/certs, /usr/share/ca-certificates/cacert.org, /etc/ansible"}

Can I somehow investigate what's causing the issue? I indeed have 
python-2.7.6 there. Can I check if deb.nodesource.com is using SNI? Can 
this be an issue with trusty's certificates? Which packages am I supposed 
to install? I can see python-urllib3, and python-pyasn1. But I can't see 
ndg-httpsclient and pyopenssl for trusty in official repositories. Can I 
somehow get away with not installing these extra packages?

I've run into this issue when trying to use geerlingguy.nodejs role.

Thanks in advance.


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