On 22.09.2016 11:38, Harald Kubota wrote:
Thanks Kai for the reply. Unfortunately it does not solve the problem. When
using /bin/sh which is a link to /bin/dash, or when using /bin/bash, it
seems that none of the user's profile files is used.

A shell do distinguish between a login mode and a interactive mode.

When you manual log in with ssh, you get a login shell, and a dash login shell do read /etc/profile and .profile.

When Ansible start a shell its not a login shell, but a interactive dash shell do not read /etc/profile and .profile.
It read the environment ENV if it exist.

You can read more about this in "man dash" and "man bash", search for "Invocation".

I cannot modify /etc/pam.d/* or /etc/ssh/sshd* because everything works
just fine when using ssh by itself as the same user I use for ansible.

I didn't suggest you change any of this files.
I tried to explain that some distribution do use files in /etc/pam.d to inject parameters in some situations.

And that in Kubuntu this is the file /etc/environment, and since it based on Debian it's probably the same file for you, but I can't confirm it since I do not have Debian 8.5.

If it's up to me, this is a bug as I find no reason why it should behave
like it does when I run ansible as a normal user.

It has nothing to do with Ansible, its just how the shells work.

Kai Stian Olstad

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