I'm trying to use the ios networking modules (ios_config, ios_template 
etc.) and the only way I can get them to work properly is via connection: 
local and passing the parameters to each task via something like this

- hosts: all
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no

  - name: define provider
        host: "{{ inventory_hostname }}"
        username: "{{ username }}"
        password: "{{ password }}"
        auth_pass: "{{ auth_pass }}"
        authorize: "{{ authorize }}"
        backup: "{{ backup }}"

1.) Is there a way to use standard SSH AND pass the ios module specific 
parameters such as auth_pass? Whatever I do, whether I place the username, 
password or auth_pass variables in inventory, play or host variables, it 
ignores them and connects with no user.

2.) Using the current method I understand its paramiko under the hood. This 
has a MAJOR problem where each task keeps its SSH connection open and does 
not close it. How do I get it to close the SSH connection and not fill uip 
my devices? This is a major issue as network devices normally restrict to 
several concurrent connections.

Note this is also relevant to the Arista (EOS) templates.


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