I have a playbook that use the S3 module to list items:

- name: List s3 bucket
    module: s3
    bucket: "{{ S3_BUCKET_NAME }}"
    mode: list
  register: S3_LIST_ITEM

The result I output to a file using lineinfile:

 name: Output to folder
    module: lineinfile
    create: yes 
    line: "{{ S3_LIST_ITEM.s3_keys }}"
    dest: "{{ S3_BUCKET_FILE }}"
    state: present

However this results in a JSON format:

['HelloWorld.sh', 'bucket1/', 'test1']

I tried using jinja2 filter (from_json), 

e.g. line: "{{ S3_LIST_ITEM.s3_keys }}"| from_json

But that didn't work as it gave me:

fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "Unexpected 
templating type error occurred on ({{  S3_LIST_ITEM.s3_keys|from_json }}): 
expected string or buffer"}

There is also no stdout_lines equivalent so how can I put this in a text 
format that separate each value in a new line?

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