On 12. okt. 2016 01:31, ZillaYT wrote:
I have a dictionary that defines AWS mounts based on IP address

- aws_mount_10_22_100_1
- aws_mount_10_22_100_2

You don't have a dictionary, you have a list with dictionaries.

Now I want a task that creates an entry in /etc/fstab

# The idea is the src value resolves to src=aws_mount_10_22_100_1 for a IP
- name: Add entry in /etc/fstab
  mount: name=/mt/mount_path src="{{ aws_efs_mount.{{
ansible_default_ipv4.address }} }}"

I get

TASK [elasticsearch-elk : Add entry in /etc/fstab *****
fatal: [10.22.x.x]: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "plate error while
templating string: expected name or number. String: {{ aws_efs_mount.{{
ansible_default_ipv4.address }} }}"}

How can I achieve this? I can't use a template since there are values in
the /etc/fstab file.

You can't use curly brackets inside curly bracket.

To make it work you need to change aws_efs_mount to
  aws_efs_mount: aws_mount_10_22_100_1 aws_mount_10_22_100_2

And the src in mount to
src={{ aws_efs_mount[hostvars[inventory_hostname].ansible_default_ipv4.address] }}

Kai Stian Olstad

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