Greetings. I realize that much of this is going to sound crazy and a little 
noob-ish, but...
I'm playing with Ansible for the first time, and I'm trying to automate the 
installation of a JIRA server (on Windows, mind you). I went through all 
the rigmarole of enabling WinRM with a self-signed certificate, and Ansible 
is now communicating with hosts in the inventory.

The JIRA installer uses an install4j executable with a response.varfile for 
unattended installations. So I built a quick and dirty jira.yaml file that 
runs the JIRA installer with arguments "-q -varfile response.varfile" using 
the 'raw' module. I have successfully gotten it to download the JIRA 
installer from Atlassian using the win_get_url module. I have successfully 
gotten Ansible to copy the response.varfile to the destination server. 
However, when I call the 'raw' module to run the install I get 
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace and the installer quits. Any ideas? 
Running the installer from the command line with the same arguments works 
without the out of memory errors.

Thank you in advance.

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