Trying to setup Ansible on Mac OS X 10.10.3
Have ansible python 2.7.12
installed junos-eznc
Testing uploading a conf file to a juniper device and getting:
fatal: [srx]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": 
"junos-eznc >= 1.2.2 is required for this module"}

I did install that:
Successfully installed MarkupSafe-0.23 PyYAML-3.12 cffi-1.8.3 
cryptography-1.5.2 enum34-1.1.6 idna-2.1 ipaddress-1.0.17 jinja2-2.8 
junos-eznc-2.0.1 lxml-3.6.4 ncclient-0.5.2 netaddr-0.7.18 paramiko-2.0.2 
pyasn1-0.1.9 pycparser-2.14 pyserial-3.1.1 scp-0.10.2 six-1.10.0

Don't know how to tell it where to look for these modules and don't know 
where to go from here.

Here is my simple yaml file:
- name: "Prepare"
connection: local
hosts: juniper
gather_facts: no

- name: "Push Config"
host={{ inventory_hostname }}
tags: -load

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