I have been using a horrible hacky workaround, specifically, adding the key 
as a field to the dict element:

      name: bob
        - "ssh-rsa a..."
        - "ssh-rsa b..."
      name: alice
        - "ssh-rsa c..."

  - authorized_key: user=item.0.name key="{{ item.1 }}"
      - "{{ users }}"
      - authorized_keys

This is difficult to maintain because the two names can get out of sync, it 
is not intuitive at all that making a new user should include the name 
again when its already used as the key. It is just the least worst solution 
I've found.

I wish there was a sane, unified, flexible solution to looping in Ansible. 
As it stands there appear to be a bunch of one-off non-interoperable 
looping constructs designed for very narrow purposes. This is easily the 
most frustrating aspect of using Ansible for anything non-trivial.

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 10:10:32 AM UTC-5, Slavek Jurkowski wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Did you find a solution to this? I'm facing the same issue and it sure 
> sucks!
> Thanks
> On Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 5:47:01 PM UTC-5, Peter Thorson wrote:
>> when using with_dict, item.key retrieves the dict key and item.value 
>> retrieves the value.
>> however, when using with_subelements and having the first item being 
>> looped over be a dict, item.0 seems to return only the value. Is there a way
>> concrete example:
>> vars:
>>   users:
>>     bob:
>>       authorized_keys:
>>         - "ssh-rsa a..."
>>         - "ssh-rsa b..."
>>     alice:
>>       authorized_keys:
>>         - "ssh-rsa c..."
>> tasks:
>>   - authorized_key: user=??? key="{{ item.1 }}"
>>     with_subelements:
>>       - "{{ users }}"
>>       - authorized_keys
>> How do I retrieve the username? I understand that I could change users 
>> into a list and add username as a property. I want to avoid that because 
>> this users list is used for lots of different things where being able to 
>> look up information about a user by username is required.

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