Hello Kai,

Indeed, I can use ping to test the connectivity in all servers, hower the 
fatar error again can't be handled for example in a conditional form.

What I request is to be able to handle this result "fatal: [sles_11]: 
UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host 
via ssh.", "unreachable": true}" , in order to for example to be able to 
write a message in a local log file. 

This case is also describer in documentation of ansible:
"You can change this behavior with the --force-handlers command-line 
option, or by including force_handlers: True in a play, or force_handlers = 
True in ansible.cfg. When handlers are forced, they will run when notified 
even if a task fails on that host. (Note that certain errors could still 
prevent the handler from running, such as a host becoming unreachable.)"

Is there any option to overcome this problem?

Thank you very much.

Τη Πέμπτη, 13 Οκτωβρίου 2016 - 4:42:24 μ.μ. UTC+3, ο χρήστης Anas Theo 
> Hello,
> Is there any easy way to handle "host unreachable" cases in order to debug 
> in a log file the problematic situation ? As an alternative it could also 
> be useful to test SSH connectivity through explicit commands in all remote 
> hosts before executing the rest of the .yml file. Thanks for your help. 

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