this module does not seem to be idempotent. Here is the documentation:,  which seems to 
indicate that VPC's will NOT be created if a VPC already exists with 
equivalent resource_tags and cidr_block values. 

Unfortunately, as many times as I run this role, it will create a new VPC. 

Here is my usage: 
- name: create vpcs
    state: '{{ item.state }}'
    region: '{{ item.region }}'
    vpc_id: '{{ item.vpc_id }}'
    cidr_block: '{{ item.cidr_block }}'
    resource_tags: { "Name": "{{}}" }
    subnets: '{{ item.subnets }}'
    internet_gateway: '{{ item.internet_gateway }}'
      - subnets: '{{ item.route_tables.private_subnets.subnets }}'
          - dest: '{{ item.route_tables.private_subnets.routes.dest }}'
            gw: '{{ }}'
      - subnets: '{{ item.route_tables.public_subnets.subnets }}'
          - dest: '{{ item.route_tables.public_subnets.routes.dest }}'
            gw: '{{ }}'
  with_items: vpcs
  register: vpc

Thanks for any help/guidance. 

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