True. And thanks for contributing. 
I knew this.  I think I oversimplified my testcase...   Thing is, our 
inventory has many groups, where hosts can be member 
of multiple groups..  Here's a modified testcase :

> groupall = { host_a, host_b, host_c }
    group1 = { host_a }
    group2 = { host_b, host_c } 

> ---
> - hosts: group1
>   tasks:
>   - name: get the variable value
>     whatever_module: arg=arg_a
>     register: result
> - hosts: group2
>   tasks:
>   - debug: var="{{result}}"
> The playbook is started with the '--limit groupall'  argument. 

Now, because of the groups, the second play cannot lookup 'host_a' in the 
hostvars, since it has no knowledge
about the hosts in 'group1'...

Any ideas ?


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