Hi, I created a role that has a rescue block where role is marked as failed:

--- #myrole
- block:
    - fail: msg='some message' #mark as fail ansible_failed_task is defined

On my playbook the idea is to send notification if ansible_failed_task is 
defined that's why "myrole" fails on rescue section. So on my playbook if 
that variable is defined I send a notification:

- hosts: automation
  gather_facts: True

    - include: notification.yml status=unstable action="Tests unstable"
      when: ansible_failed_task is defined

    - { role: myrole, tags: tests}

When I run this playbook and "myrole" fails post_tasks section is never 
executed, so my question is that: Will post_tasks execute no matter whether 
role has failed or not? if not what should I use so post_tasks get executed 
no matter role's result?

Thanks in advance

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