I've created a small demo below which demonstrates my problem. 
I can't seem to invoke the with_items and call {{item}} later on. What am I 
doing wrong? I've tried searching obviously but I can't find the direct 
answer, sorry for the newbie question.

My playbook invokes a role, and below is my role:
  - name: Mytest to register a variable
    find: paths="/tmp/demo/" patterns="*.txt"
    register: r

  - name: mytest to show my results
    debug: msg="{{item}}"
    with_items: r

The above doesn't give the desired result. When i change my task mytest 
  - name: mytest
    debug: msg={{r.files.0.path}}
then i do get the first .txt file found, I can't seem to make it 

Ultimately I'm trying to create a loop true a directory, and based on the 
file extension I want to invoke a certain action. For example, if the file 
extension is .sh, then invoke shell. If it's .sql, then invoke sqlplus, and 
more extensions. If the extension is not listed then copy the file. Perhaps 
my whole approach is wrong in the first place, I'm trying to take it step 
by step of course, which might lead me in a wrong direction? 

Again, thanks so much.

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