I am creating AMI in AWS using ec2_ami module. I need to create the AMI and 
to give permissions to multiple accounts,however it failed. When I am doing 
it with one account it's ok.
Below the code to create AMI with permission to 1 account which is working 

*# Create AMI*
*    - name: Create AMI*
*      local_action:*
*        module: ec2_ami*
*        instance_id: "{{ item.id }}"*
*        wait: yes*
*        wait_timeout: 3600*
*        aws_access_key: "{{ AWSAccessKey }}"*
*        aws_secret_key: "{{ AWSSecretKey }}"*
*        region: "{{ region }}"*
*        name: "OCCM-AUTO-AMI-4-E2E -TEST - {{ date }}"*
*        description: "OCCM automatically created ami for E2E"*
*        launch_permissions:*
*          user_ids: ['66602923934']*
*        device_mapping:*
*          - device_name: /dev/sda1*
*            size: 50*
*            volume_type: gp2*

Could you please let me know how to pass multiple accounts to: *user_ids ?*


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