Hi All 


seems to not respect the become_user in the following play. 
#note that this below jams up because it expects accounts and ssh keys as 
it uses rsync underwater. Figure that out then remove this comment 
- name: copy dump to remote
become: false
become_user: fresh-dbs
mode: push
src: "{{ hostvars[''].dbdump.stat.path }}"
dest: /tmp/restore.sql
tags: rsync
My expectation on the above is that on the delegate host, the rsync job 
should trigger as the user 'fresh-dbs' (which is created and key'd earlier 
in the play 
and can login to the target. 

What really happens is that it just runs as my ansible control user and 
fails out. 

Anyone know how to elegantly deal with this? I want to copy a file from one 
host to another without using the control machine. 

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