Here is what I am trying to do:

   - Connect to [clientservers] and perform telnet on port 
   443, 80, 8443
   - if result = ok (meaning if that port is open), then do nothing.
   - if result = fail,  then send output to failed-clients.txt listing 
   hostname, ip and port that was unreachable

I have successfully completed the first task using this playbook:

- hosts: clientservers

  - name: Check all port numbers for current host
      port: "{{ item }}"
      state: started        # Port should be open
      delay: 0              # No wait before first check (sec)
      timeout: 3            # Stop checking after timeout (sec)
      - 443
      - 80
      - 8443
     ignore_errors: yes

I have researched many forums and sites, and I am currently looking at the 
wait_for and register module.  After reading the following advice:

Fine-tuning output 

If you want more specific output for the success and failure cases, the 
code must be more complex, adding a second task:

   - wait_for task must register a variable
   - the second task produces output using debug based on success/failure 
   condition (e.g. using Jinja2 conditional expression 
   - then you need to put both these tasks in an include file (without any 
   with_items loop), and write a main playbook task that uses an include 
   ... with_items to call the include file once per port.

I'm not sure how to put all this together.  Is it even possible?

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