I'm trying to dynamically set which vault I'm using (don't want my test 
environment to use real passwords!).

So I set up this in a play book that I'm doing an import_playbook from a 
different directory.

If vault_file is set from the ansible-playbook command line, this works. If 
I set the vault_file from a group vars file from the calling playbook's dir, 
vault_file doesn't exist from for the vars_files a statement's viewpoint. 
 If I set it in a fact vault_file also doesn't exist from the vars_files 

But oddly enough, if I debug vault_file in the debug role, it prints out 
correctly in all three cases.

Bug, or feature?  And how do I work around this?



# Sets up Docker networks


- name: Setup the networks

  hosts: dockerhosts


     - demoVars.yml

     - "{{ vault_file }}"


    - role: debug

    - role: network_setup


        internal: "{{ networks.internal }}"

        external: "{{ networks.external }}"

        nginx: "{{ networks.nginx }}"


    - setup

    - standalone

    - app_test

---- importing file ----

- name: create facts used to compose variables later in this playbook

  hosts: dockerhosts


    esTmpDir: "/tmp/es"


    - role: unitenv_setup


    - app_test

- import_playbook: ../../../deployment/playbooks/network.yml

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