Hi all,

I am in need of help/pointers from the community in setting up Ansible 
ansible on ubuntu 14.04.

At the current stage it has been configure to retrieve the information from 
the remote server, but when I tried to do it through playbook (sudo 
ansible-playbook ubuntu14upgrade.yml) I get the following message 
"skipping: no hosts matched"

/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg is default settings

/etc/ansible/hosts has IP and hostname of the same remote server

The above remote server responds to "ansible all -m ping"  and other 


If you receive the message “Skipping: No Hosts Matched” when you are trying 
to run a playbook through Tower, here are a few things to check:

• Make sure that your hosts declaration line in your playbook matches the 
name of your group/host in inventory exactly (these are case sensitive).

  remote_user: eclipx
  become: yes
  become_method: sudo
  become_user: su

    - name: install system updates for ubuntu systems
      apt: upgrade=dist update_cache=yes state=lastest
      when: ansible_distribution == "Ubuntu"

• If it does match and you are using Ansible Core 2.0 or later, check your 
group names for spaces and modify them to use underscores or no spaces to 
ensure that the groups can be recognized.

• Make sure that if you have specified a Limit in the Job Template that it 
is a valid limit value and still matches something in your inventory. The 
Limit field takes a pattern argument, described here: 

Please file a support ticket if you still run into issues after checking 
these options.

Lost & thanks for your time...

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