I was trying to clone roles using ansible-galaxy cli from private repo, 

requirements file : working.yml

- src: git+https://g...@git.xxxxxx.com/devops/ansible-role-fpm.git
  name: watever.fpm
  version: master

ansible-galaxy install --role-file=ansible-galaxy.yml 
--roles-path="${PWD}/roles/" --force

But its throwing errors like:

[WARNING]: - xxxxfpm was NOT installed successfully: - command git clone 
xxxx.fpm failed in directory /tmp/tmpGS0PhX (rc=128)

ERROR! - you can use --ignore-errors to skip failed roles and finish 
processing the list.

I tried different combinations of "git+ssh" but nothing worked, i can 
easily clone it directory using "git clone" way but ansible-galaxy way is 
not working, ideas ???

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