Hi. I'm encountering a problem in my deployments which may or may not be a 

In my inventories directory, I have the following files --


Where a_server, b_server and c_server groups are defined in 

All three group_vars files have a variable called "databaseURL" but with 
different values. When I specify the a_server as the target for my playbook 
run, it uses the "databaseURL" value defined in c_server when processing j2 
templates. So it looks like Ansible loads all 3 group_vars files even if I 
had specified target=a_server. It looks like c_server is the last processed 
file (assuming it's done alphabetically) so the value of "databaseURL" 
there takes precedence over the value of the same variable in a_server.

Is this behavior as designed? That all the content of group_vars is loaded 
even when you have chosen (by specifying the target) which group_vars file 
should be used?


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