Hi All,
I begin in Ansible.
First test: 3 VM on my PC: 2 vrouters and one Ubuntu VM, all in the same 
All ping are ok, Telnet and SSH  well configured, and  well connected.
When i initiate an "ad HOC "  command to  realize a "show version" from 
Ubuntu to VR1   (with module RAW) , i receive an error, as followed:
Thanks for your help,

dsa@ubuntu:~$ ssh david@R1
Welcome to Brocade Network OS

david@r1's password: 
Welcome to Brocade Network OS 
Version:      5.2R2
Description:  Brocade Network OS 5600 5.2R2 Standard
Built on:     Tue Nov 29 22:52:37 UTC 2016
Last login: Fri Feb  2 12:57:58 2018 from
david@VR1:~$ exit
Connection to r1 closed.

*dsa@ubuntu:~$ ansible R1 -m raw -a "show version" -u david -k*
[DEPRECATION WARNING]: [defaults]hostfile option, The key is misleading as 
can also be a list of hosts, a directory or a list of paths . This feature 
 be removed in version 2.8. Deprecation warnings can be disabled by setting 
deprecation_warnings=False in ansible.cfg.
*SSH password: *
*R1 | FAILED | rc=127 >>*
*vbash: show: command not found*
*Welcome to Brocade Network OS*

*Shared connection to r1 closed.*
*non-zero return code*

dsa@ubuntu:~$ .

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