I'm currently developing my first ansible module 
It can read/write os x settings, since these settings can be nested the 
return type can be an integer, float, string, dict, list, etc...
When I run the *validate-modules* test on the following documentation:
RETURN = '''
    description: The value associated with the preference domain and key.
                 Return type is a python object that maps closest to the 
data type of the macOS preference. This can be an integer, float, string, 
dict, list, etc...
    returned: when action=get
    type: complex
    sample: "{'CustomViewStyleVersion': 1}"

The test complains that I have to add the *contains* key. Because the 
output of my module differs based on which settings it reads, I can't 
specify the *contains* key.
I would be glad if someone could tell me how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance!

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