So I need to loop through the fact file to register the "env" and 
"profile_name" as variables which I then can use to check if the 
environment exists.

I appreciate the help


On Monday, 12 February 2018 14:00:41 UTC+2, Pieter Steyn wrote:
> Hi there
> Currently we are running multiple WebSphere environments on one server for 
> example DEV, TST, PRE
> I get my facts from puppet/foreman.
> I want to be able to cater for more than one environment in my playbook. 
> if DEV is the only profile specified in my fact file,then it will only 
> configure DEV.
> Should we get a request for TST or any other environment on the same 
> server, then the playbook should skip DEV as its already configured and 
> then do TST.
> Regards

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