I'm guessing this isn't possible, but I might have been looking at it too 
long at this point to know if I'm missing something...

I have a playbook with a role in which one task has a remote_user and a 
delegate_to option set.   That task has to run for each host on the 
delegate_to server which  has a different ssh_user and password.   Using 
ssh-keys or the same password as the ansible_ssh_user, it works okay, 
however, without ssh keys or the same password, it will fail. 

For some people that will be executing this play, they will not be able to 
use ssh_keys and their passwords are different from the inventory and the 
delegate_to host.   I could prompt for the remote_user and password on play 
run, however, I have not figured out how to set the password for the single 

Here is an example. Is there a way to specify the password for jdoe?    
(note syntax and spacing may be off as I just typed this out)

- name: Sample play
  hosts: all

    - myRole


    msg: "End of play"

In the role/myRole/tasks/main.yml

- include: myfacts.yml

- name: Some task
  command: test 0
  changed_when: false

- name: Problem task
  remote_user: jdoe
  command: "shell command"
  delegate_to: ###.###.###.###

- name: Some other task
  command: "test -f file.txt"
  register: myOutput
  changed_when: false

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