This could be solved by using a dynamic inventory script. 

This is an executable file which has to print out json. You could use such 
a script do redirect your clients to the desired directory.

Am Samstag, 3. Februar 2018 17:00:03 UTC+1 schrieb sriman dharba:
> Hello
> I am using ansible-pull along with cron to perform hardening and 
> predependencies for my infra. I am managing all the contents of ansible 
> playbooks/roles/inventory in git  I am using a seperate directory name 
> templates and have a yml template specific for all apps and defining nodes 
> directly into the git repo main directory by copying the template to 
> hostname yml file of the host . This way I am able to define how my each 
> node takes which configuration changes or based on application. 
> My issue is as I am creating more number of host yml files inside my git 
> repo directory, I have many files in the infra i have defined and the repo 
> files listing looks messed up, I have local.yml which will be picked up by 
> default if no definitions are made for a host. Is there any chance I can 
> define a directory via ansible-pull to search host definitions only from 
> that directory instead of the main git repo directory.
> Thanks
> Sri

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