instead of using regexes, you might want to use the XML module
(https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.4/xml_module.html) with the
xmlstring argument. That should allow you to do this in a much cleaner


> ansible 2.6.0 (devel da5cf72236) last updated 2018/02/14 14:29:49
> (GMT +200)
> The task seems obvious at first glance but it appears to be difficult
> to implement in this context.
> The string is:
> host_meta: "<XRD
> xmlns='http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/xri/xrd-1.0'>\n <Link
> rel='restconf' href='/restconf'/>\n</XRD>"
> I need to extract the values of rel and href into api_release and
> api_root. I unsuccessfully tried the following:
> - set_fact: api_release="{{ host_meta | regex_replace('^.*
> rel=(.*) .*$', '\\1') }}"
>   when: host_meta is defined
> - set_fact: api_root="{{ host_meta | regex_replace('^.*
> href=(.*)/>.*$', '\\1') }}"
>   when: host_meta is defined
> Both variables contain the whole string instead of the corresponding 
> substring, which should be:
> api_release: 'restconf'
> api_root: /restconf
> I have already successfully used this filter in other contexts. 
> What am I missing here? Is the filter confused by the string?

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