I am using successfully ansible in my windows environment with Kerberos.
I am still having trouble if i want to execute a task as another user than 
my ansible user.

For example, i want to execute specific task as build user to make sure 
it's home dir is present - if not i guess my command will create it by 
login this specific user.

build_usr_password is in the var files (i used the debug module to check i 
can access it)

- name: Touching a file in order to make sure the account home dir is 
path: C:\Users\build_usr
state: present
become: yes
become_method: runas
become_user: build_usr@DOMAIN
password: "{{ build_usr_password }}"

I tried *ansible_become_password* *become_password* and *ansible_password*. 
Still same issue:

The full traceback is:
LogonUser failed (The user name or password is incorrect, Win32ErrorCode 
At line:623 char:13
+             throw [Ansible.Shell.Win32Exception] "LogonUser failed"
+             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (:) [], Win32Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : LogonUser failed (The user name or password 
is incorrect, Win32ErrorCode 1326)

failed: [hasgqba110.ger.corp.intel.com] (item=bEeq07WG8-RQ.Myr9Ymd) => {
    "changed": false,
    "item": "bEeq07WG8-RQ.Myr9Ymd",
    "msg": "LogonUser failed (The user name or password is incorrect, 
Win32ErrorCode 1326)"

How do i define the password for this task ? (the password is in the vault 
encrypted file, i don't want to/can't pass it via the CLI)

python version = 2.7.12 (default, Dec  4 2017, 14:50:18) [GCC 5.4.0 

Jordan ? :)

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