On 19.02.2018 13:57, ADB101 wrote:
I can get some xpath's to work correctly, but only in "simple" (?) forms.
For example:

- name: Check current value
    file: "{{oam_xml_file}}"
    content: text
       x: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema

The issue is that I really need the full xpath to work as there are often several entries with the same "Name='*tag*'" that are only distinguishable
by their full path. I have tried even going one level down in the xml,
using a full path, and I still get "does not reference a node" error

I'm not sure, but my hunch is that you need to postfix all with the namespace, so /x:Settings.... on all of them.

Kai Stian Olstad

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