I’ve been working with a grad student team to get them set up running AWX, 
and they have been excited and eager about this usability project they are 
working on!  The AWX engineering team will be reviewing the results of 
these interviews (in an anonymized fashion) to help us plan future 
enhancements and features--info from the student team below:


We are a team of graduate students with the University of Michigan School 
of Information, and we are conducting user research for Red Hat’s 
AWX/Ansible project.

As part of this research, we would like to conduct some interviews, and our 
friends at Red Hat have suggested that we reach out to you all and see who 
might be interested. We are hoping to have an approximately hour-long 
conversation about your use of AWX/Ansible, and how you feel about the 
product. While we do need to meet over phone or video messenger, your 
identity will be completely protected in our final report, regardless of 
whatever comments you have. It doesn’t matter what your experience or 
comfort level with AWX is, input from anyone and everyone is useful, and 
the time you spend with us will directly help us help the AWX team improve 
their product!

We are hoping to get these interviews set up between now and February 23, 
so please let us know if you are interested and available at 
si622...@umich.edu, and give us a timeframe when you will be available to 
chat with us.

Thank you for your help!

Team 8

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