Sorry, but  it's not clear at all how debug iterates over the rows. 
Running a simple debug doesn't help.

For example, if I had a playbook like this (that of course doesn't work), 
how should I fix it
to iterate over every single row and print the value of the 3 columns?

  - hosts: db
    become: true
    remote_user: root
      csvfile: "{{ lookup('csvfile', 'file=file.csv delimiter=,') }}"
      - name: cat
        debug: msg="{{ item.a }} - {{ item.a }} - {{ item.c }}"  #for every 
row print the value of a, b and c columns
        with_items: csvfile


Il giorno mercoledì 21 febbraio 2018 18:58:28 UTC, Brian Coca ha scritto:
> there are plenty of specific examples, just your specific case is not 
> covered, but it is simple enough to inffer from existing ones, 
> something like this should work: 
> - name: show the row 
>   debug: var=item 
>   loop: " {{ lookup('file', '/path/tocsv') }}" 
> you might need to split on ',' if you want the columns, there is a 
> csvfile lookup it it retrieves specific column, not rows 
> -- 
> ---------- 
> Brian Coca 

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