Hi All,

I need to pass a json file to ansible-palybook command using --extra-var 
(like --extra-var @/tmp/test.json).  I am able to reference the variable 
inside playbook if the json key don't have dot character in it.  But I am 
not able reference the key which contain dot(.) in it. This is just sample 
entry in JSOn file but I have many keys which contain dot(.) in key name 
and I can't remove the dot char in the key name because the file coming 
from external system. 

# cat /tmp/test.json | jq
  "VMware.Hardware.Version": " vmx-10",

  "toolname": "tomcat"



# cat test.yml 


host: myhost


  hdversion: "{{ VMware.Hardware.Version }}" # not works due to dot(.), getting 
VARIABLE NOT DEFINED when try to reference hdversion inside role

  mytoolname: "{{toolname}}"  # works fine

any workaround to use hdversion: "{{ VMware.Hardware.Version }}" to get the 

Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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