Yep, the non-default encryption setting is almost certainly the issue. Can 
you file a bug on No promises that 
we'll get to it, but I have a couple ideas as to what might be causing it. 
I *think* the fix could be pretty simple (there's a code path in there that 
never got tested because the default AES encryption settings never hit it). 


On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 2:27:37 AM UTC-8, Jordan Borean wrote:
> Without testing it I believe there may be an issue with the RC4 encryption 
> that is being used. Will have to try it out but that is a pretty old 
> protocol and believed to be broken. While we should still look at fixing 
> it, you should look at adding in one of the AES types on your krb5.conf 
> file I 
> believe you need a dc on Server 2008 or newer.
> Thanks for the information you provided.
> Jordan

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