Hi All,

I am trying to understand the changes with Ansible 2.4 that affects the 
usage of inventory_dir variable.

Earlier i was using a static host file and in my playbooks, i was heavily 
relying on inventory_dir to load variable files which in turn was loading 
the target hosts. I understand the purpose of making the inventory_dir as a 
hostvar, what i did not understand is *how can i still access inventory_dir 
directly as a global variable in my playbooks* *?*

To show what i mean, i created a little demo:

local1 localhost ansible_connection=local
local2 localhost ansible_connection=local

#This doesn't work anymore
#moreVars: "{{ inventory_dir ~ 'moreVars.yaml' }}"

#This also works
#moreVars: "{{hostvars[groups.all.0].inventory_dir}}/moreVars.yaml"

#This works and this is what i was using before 2.4
moreVars: "{{inventory_dir}}/moreVars.yaml"

#Prior to 2.4, this is how i defined target hosts. I understand this will 
not work anymore
targetHosts: locals


- hosts: locals
        - varsFile.yaml
        - "{{moreVars}}"


     - debug: var=who

     - name: Accessing the inventory_dir as a host var
       debug: msg="Accessing inventory_dir as hostvar -- 

     - name: Accessing the inventory DIR directly
       debug: msg="Accessing inventory_dir directly -- {{inventory_dir}}"


*$ ansible --versionansible$ ansible-playbook playbook.yaml -i 
hosts.infoPLAY [locals] 
[Gathering Facts] 
[local1]ok: [local2]TASK [debug] 
[local1] => {    "who": "MORE_VARS"}ok: [local2] => {    "who": 
"MORE_VARS"}TASK [Accessing the inventory_dir as a host var] 
[local1] => {    "msg": "Accessing inventory_dir as hostvar -- 
/home/ij/temp"}ok: [local2] => {    "msg": "Accessing inventory_dir as 
hostvar -- /home/ij/temp"}TASK [Accessing the inventory DIR directly] 
[local1] => {    "msg": "Accessing inventory_dir directly -- 
/home/ij/temp"}ok: [local2] => {    "msg": "Accessing inventory_dir 
directly -- /home/ij/temp"}PLAY RECAP 
                   : ok=4    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0local2  
                   : ok=4    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0*

*So my questions:*
*1) How is inventory_dir still available as global var ?*
*2) Can i continue using it directly or i should 
use hostvars[groups.all.0].inventory_dir ?*

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