Hi Claudia,

Thanks for responding. I think the target hardware was the problem (I 
should have put that in the original post) , but not sure. It's a Cisco ASA 
5540 running 9.1(7)23. I just got this working using the asa_command module 
(which I didn't know existed). Is there a difference between Cisco IOS on 
an ASA? I have no idea, I'm the Linux guy, not the Network guy so...

Below is the playbook I used to solve my problem:
- hosts: ios_fw 
  any_errors_fatal: True 
  gather_facts: no
  connection: local 

      host: "{{ inventory_hostname }}" 
      username: ans 
      password: XXxxXXxXxX 
#      transport: cli 
    - asa_command: 
          - show version 
        provider: "{{ cli }}" 
      register: ver 

    - debug: var=ver.stdout_lines

This pretty much gets me what I was looking for although getting to this 
point drove me pretty crazy for the past few days. I'm new to Ansible but 
want to use it heavily in our managed services environment. My particular 
plan is to create reports with the output of this play.

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 1:15:39 PM UTC-5, Claudia de Luna wrote:
> Hi Otto,
> What version and model are you trying to gather facts from?

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