Thanks Jordan.

I'm running ansible on CentOS trying to download a file using 
win_get_url like this

- name: Download file
   url: http://servername/Ansible/USA/
   dest: "{{ ansible_env.TEMP }}\\"
  when: zip_file.stat.exists == True

I can't find any entry in the server logs, and am mostly confused as to why 
it just happens the first time each day but not all others after that.

On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 13:15:24 UTC-8, Jordan Borean wrote:
> Are you able to share some more info like the Ansible version you are on, 
> the task you are running. A 500 status code means internal error (internal 
> to the http server) and usually indicates a problem on the remote end. You 
> need to be able to debug what is happened in the times of a 500 error to 
> determine what is happening, there is not much we can do from there.
> Thanks
> Jordan

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