I am tryig to write an Ansible script which will Generat Alert on Disk 
Usage. Once the Disk Usage goes above the Threshold, alert will be 

Below is start up code.

 - hosts: "{{ hostGroup }}"
   user: gamesroot
   become: true
   become_user: root
   gather_facts: no
   - shell: df -h "{{ item }}" | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $5 '}  | sed 
      - /
      - /home
      - /backup
     register: test

   - debug:
       msg: "{{ test.results|map(attribute='stdout')|list }}"
   - name: Size is big
     shell: echo "tobig size "
     when: test.results > 20

Here Problem isi  not able to Register Value and Compare it with Threshold. 

PLEASE help me for the SAME.

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