Hi All

I've been working on an Ansible module that allows you to run a command on 
a Windows host remotely without the need for WinRM and in the end I've 
created a module called psexec to do this. If any Windows admins (or others 
who wish to try it out) are interested you can find the PR here 
https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/36723 and try it out. Some of the 
things you can do with this module are;

* Run an adhoc command on a remote Windows host without WinRM being setup 
and enabled
* Use it to do bootstrapping tasks that would be otherwise hard to run in 
some environments, e.g. setting up the WinRM listeners or upgrading 
PowerShell to the 3.0 requirement
* Runs on Python/linux so no requirement for another Windows host like 
win_psexec and is easily runnable on the Ansible controller
* Fine control over the process and how it is executed, e.g. become like 
options to run as a different user or the System account

It is no substitution for the winrm connection plugin as it does not use a 
proper protocol but rather takes advantage of some internal Windows 
mechanisms to run a process.

Some more links if you are interested in trying it out or just want to know 
more are https://github.com/jborean93/pypsexec and 

Any feedback is most welcome.



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