Having an issue here.

I created a role with variables both stored in the role's /vars folder, and 
in a /group_vars' encrypted vault.
The variables in the encrypted vault are for username and password when 
creating/accessing Windows servers.

Using azure_rm_virtualmachine, I wanted to create a new VM. It creates fine 
with no errors, but once I try to RDP into it, it doesn't accept the 
password from the vault. The only way for me to access the server is to 
manually go in Azure's GUI and reset the password, with the same password 
from the vault, and then it works.

The password contains only letters and numbers, no special characters.

Here's the appropriate role code:

- name: Import default Windows variables from /group_vars/windows
 file: /etc/ansible/group_vars/windows/vault.yaml

- name: Create new Windows Server 2016 DC w/ SQL Server Standard 2016 SP1
 admin_password: "{{ vault_cloud_windows_admin_password }}"
 admin_username: " {{ vault_cloud_windows_admin_user }}"

And here's the vault's content (username/password removed, for obvious 
reasons) : 


The vault is auto-decrypted with a password file, already configured in the 
*ansible.cfg* file. Proof is, the admin_username field gets properly 

I can't seem to figure out where my issue is, does someone have a clue ?


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