If I run ec2.py against any of four different AWS accounts, it returns a 
list of instances etc.

On one AWS account, it returns an empty list. It doesn't issue error 
messages, or take a particularly long to time to run, or take a 
particularly short time to run either.

Using the same credentials with the same accounts, Ansible playbooks using 
modules like ec2_group, ec2_instance etc work fine on all five accounts.

I'm running ec2.py directly, Like this:

kauer@kt:~/dev/ansible$ scripts/ec2.py --list --refresh-cache
  "_meta": {
    "hostvars": {}

All of these accounts, including the one where it returns an empty list, 
have plenty of resources in them; an empty list is definitely wrong.

We set up a new user in the account, with admin access; when run with those 
credentials, it still didn't work.

It is a subordinate account, but so are several of the other five. We 
created a whole new subordinate account under the same root AWS account, 
created a new IAM user in the new account, with admin access, spun up a VM 
- and it didn't work for that user either.

I'm very new to Ansible, and I am mystified as to what is different about 
this one account (or the IAM user credentials) that could "achieve" this 

Any clues greatly appreciated.

Regards, K.

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