Dear all,

I'm new to ansible and system admin on linux, I have a problem that I don't 
understand what happen behind the scene.

Here is my scenario:

- I create a kvm (machine B) on my host machine, this is also an ansible 
control machine (machine A)
- Then copy the ssh key of the user (user X with sudoer) I will run ansible 
playbook from A to B
- I can run playbook with become privilege, in my playbook I install NIS 
and setup B to join my network domain (bind with a dns server)
- Then now the problem happen, I can't run playbook from A to B anymore 
with userX

Below are the problems:
 + When I put become: true (use default become_user, should be root) for 
all tasks then playbook can't gather facts from B, I got Permission denied 
when gathering facts
/usr/bin/python: can't open file 
[Errno 13] Permission denied
 + When I move become: true to individual task, then I have same Permission 
/usr/bin/python: can't open file 
[Errno 13] Permission denied
 + When I try to elevate to exact user X with become_user: userX, seems 
this user doesn't have proper permission
"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to lock apt for exclusive operation"

Seems I have some problems:
- root user didn't setup properly on B so it can't access to /home/[*userX*] 
directory (I read some instruction said that use 'HOME=/root 
ansible-playbook my_pb.yml ...' but still failed: OSError: [Errno 13] 
Permission denied: '~/.ansible/tmp')
- not sure what happen with userX but it can't execute sudo via ansible on 
B (although I tried to ssh with userX on B and do some sudo tasks such as 
apt-get install)

Please help to tell if I have miss any configurations (I think during the 
kvm creation, I miss some steps here)


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