Hi Benny,

There are a couple of development modules in the ansible docs, e.g. 
https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/devel/modules/hpilo_boot_module.html, but 
I have not used them.

I use the python package from http://seveas.github.io/python-hpilo to 
expose a command line interface and use an example playbook like the 
following. You have to extract data from the output of the cli but it's 
fairly straightforward and very useful.

ansible-playbook -i "localhost," -c local playbook.yml


- hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: false


    ilo_host: ""  # IP address / hostname of the iLO interface
    ilo_user: "xxxxx"         # username for the user to log into the iLO
    ilo_password: "xxxxxx"    # fetch from vault or other secret storage
    hpilo_cli_cmd: "hpilo_cli {{ ilo_host }} --json --login='{{ ilo_user 
}}' --password='{{ ilo_password }}'"


  - name: Get current power status
    command: "{{ hpilo_cli_cmd }} get_host_power_status"
    register: hpilo_cli_get_host_power_status
  - name: Record power status
      power_status: "{% if 'ON' in hpilo_cli_get_host_power_status.stdout 
%}ON{% else %}OFF{% endif %}"

  - name: Power on server - if it is powered down
    command: "{{hpilo_cli_cmd}} press_pwr_btn"
    when: power_status != "ON"

  - name: Reboot server - if it is powered up
    command: "{{hpilo_cli_cmd}} cold_boot_server"
    when: power_status == "ON"

Hope that helps.


On Monday, 9 April 2018 09:37:15 UTC+1, Benny Kusman wrote:
> Hi,
> has anyone implemented setting up HP ILO using ansible, when the server 
> has no OS yet ?
> if the server has been installed and has hponcfg command, there is ansible 
> module for it.
> But wondering, if anyone has tried to setup the server in the ilo using 
> ansible (just simply specifying the ilo hostname, userid/password, port)
> Thanks

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