Hello Anton, did you manage to get this working, I am trying to do the same 
exact thing but I do not see how it could be done?


On Monday, February 27, 2017 at 2:10:24 PM UTC+1, Anton Kirichenko wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry for a lame question, but I'm trying to enable Ansible to manage 
> Cisco routers which are reachable only from a sinlge management host. That 
> host is  HP NA server, where users could connect by ssh and then manually 
> build  connection (ssh/telnet)  to the final destination (i.e. routers).
> I've already read about known ways to establish SSH session via 
> jump/bastion hosts  using "proxycommand" and "ssh -W", but my case is a 
> little bit different.  HPNA jump host has it's own CLI, where users call 
> command "connect ROUTER_NAME"  to connect to routers.
> In other words it looks like  "laptop -> ssh -> HPNA -> HPNA CLI command 
> "connect router Bla" -> ssh/telnet(rare case) -> router"
> I wonder if Ansible has any modules wich would wrap that  command "connect 
> router Bla" to ssh session established from my laptop to the jump host ?
> Thank you
> Anton

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